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    And my point of that is while it is terrific to see all you lovely ladies on here, why are so many women so conservative about revealing their bodies? Men, in general, don't seem to have this problem so why are women so different? As an avid nudist man, I can say that nearly every lady I've told that I like to be nude have replied with things like I'm a pervert, to wierd, to I'm not into that and more like I don't like to show my body. Is this the male seeking a mate theory? A womans instintive self-preservation? Some imbedded you'll go to hell if others see you naked thing? I really don't get it since most women prefer a man to be open and honest, yet when he is, he's labeled a dirty person! And I wonder about why that is so bad? I, just like many of you, have seen enough naked people that it really has no effect on me anymore, so please give me your opinions on this. I don't think of a nude female as a sex object or freak, I'm just an open-minded man that doesn't like to hide the real person under clothes! Does that make any sense to any of you? I find it a frustrating gap between males and females and wish I could figure out a way to express this to a lady without her reacting so negatively. Alas, maybe my match is still out there and we just haven't met yet. Have a great day people and take care. Thanks for any comments and input, Michael
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    It depends how you "come off."  I've told many women about being a nudist, and most have taken the time to discuss it with an open mind.  I try to present it in an "instructional" format, describing what nudism is like and why I enjoy it.  Many have then discussed with me what concerned them about social nudity.

    More often than not, it is body-acceptance issues, fear of being sexually objectified, or being taught from a young age that nudity is dirty or sexual.


    But yes: men and women are very different when it comes to nudity.  I got naked right away on the first nudist trip; as a matter of fact when I got there I could barely wait to take off all my clothes.  It took my wife several tries before she reached that point.  Nudity is a much more emotional thing for women.

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    I work for playgril magazine. I think you are wrong. Men are more shy to be naked. Women are more familiar with nudity 'cause they are most of the time nake when they become mothers before the doctore. We have in playgirl a lot of problems to have aboy being nake.... A LOT.

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