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    My first experience at a naturist center was in 1985. My sister-in-law invited her sister, (my girlfriend), and I to go with her and her husband. After some discussion, we agreed. It was about one hour drive from Montreal. What a beautiful place. The first thing we had to do was take off our clothes. The others did and I followed. I immediately had a full erection. I was embarrassed . I held a towel in front of me. Her sister said that it was a usual first reaction. It soon subsided and we continued to enjoy the day. We were there all weekend and my girlfriend and I returned many times. The most comfortable experience I have ever known. Now, some 30+ years later I am still a true nudist. I live nude as often as I possibly can. There is nothing more beautiful that a nude body.

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    love your erection

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    Personally I don't see what the problem is with an erection. It's just a guys penis after all. All this do called embarrassment? I see girls at the beach with hard nipples all the time. Are they embarrassed? It's just a natural action of the human body. 

    Its the same when I get waxed down there. If course I get an erection. Big deal.

    its different if you masturbate at the beach but again I've seen both sexes doing that at the beach. Some things are best t left to the bedroom but an erection isn't one them in my eyes. 

    Photo attached,

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    About 8 yrs ago I took my GF to Maui & Kauai for a couple of weeks, and told her on the flight over,

    "ah, we're going to nude beaches while we're there".  Her eyes where now wide-open.  On Maui, we

    stayed in Kehei, as close as I could get to Little Beach.  2nd day there we packed our stuff in the car

    and headed to the beach.  Climbed over the rocks and discovered the place was really "busy" for a

    weekday.  As I set the bags down an took of my T-shirt and proceeded to take off my shorts(going

    commando), she said, "have U ever done this B4?"  I said, "No, but it's the top of my Bucket List".

    She took off only her top - Booooooooo!  We stayed about 4 hrs., and I really enjoyed it.  So, we

    talked about it at dinner and she said she was okay with going again.  So, we did and found another

    on Kauai.  Almost 2 miles of white sand beach just S. of Princeville.  In early winter, Jan - Apr the

    ocean is not swim friendly, but the sun & sand was GREAT.  Other than a gay guy walked right

    between us when he was leaving.  He had been looking at me all day, when I'd get up to stand in

    the water.

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    I've gone through much the same ordeal but I was among strangers. I was at a nude beach. The warm sun and the gentle breeze caressing through my pubic hair were so relaxing, I fell asleep. When I was awakened because I needed to get rid of some water, I had an erection, and I seemed to be the center of attraction--or at least IT was.



    I had just been kicked out of Glen Eden Resort, because I was single and alone, just for asking if I could join their nudist club and how much it costs to get inside and was it too late for me to pay for the day rate. They, instead, called me a pervert for daring to go to their place when I was single, and they told me if I didn't turn my car around and leave within 5 seconds, they were going to call the police.


    Now I was single and alone, and naked among people I didn't know, and worried that they might call me a pervert too. They didn't. Some of them did laugh, yes, but it was fun and harmless banter as their playful remarks had me laughing about myself and about their funny jokes.  Some just smiled.


    The ladies surprised me. They made sure I saw them scan it, and then my face, and then they winked at me.


    I went out into the water to relax the erection, when suddenly, I felt some soft, petite, and gentle hands reaching around me and caressing it. She told me she didn't feel I was a pervert just because I was single and alone, and neither did anyone else. Then she told me it was attractive to her and that's why she winked at me, and then she proved her point.


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