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    Why is the evil USA Government stealing from the USA? They were picked to do a job, Not to steal from the country. They shoud all be fired for criminal activity. Everything that they have done does not work. I here about this all over the news. What do others think.  Comments are welcome.

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    well, one problem is that the government is not evil, it is the people.  Part of the fault is you and I.  These politicians are picked because they promise people handouts, favors and other type of benefits.  They pray upon the poor and uninformed. 

    They promise if you elect them they'll give you health care, they'll give you a refund check of $500.  Yes these refund checks are bribes to the poor and uneducated.  It is a form of buying their vote.

    As the elitest says, "people are so stupid they cannot function on their own.  They must be told what to do everyday of their life.  They are cattle that must be controlled at all times."

    The problem is 80% of the people are uninformed as to what is going on.  So through class war, race war, and every other trick, the administration gets the uninformed angry at the other side.  So they get what they want.  So the uninformed is manipulated to the will of the politicians.  So the politicians get what they want and everyone including the uninformed gets scewed.  As uncle sam says "Keep bending over, you're doing good. I've got 10 broom handle in you.  Don't worry these other 40 will fit just fine."

    The end result is destruction of our freedom, destruction of jobs, destruction of liberty.  And you get welfare state that will implode. 

    Why are these guy's doing this?  the elitist believes it is unfair that the US is a super power and they will do anything in their power to destroy it.  So for 100 years they have been working hard at it.  Their goal is to turn the US into another mexico.

    who's fault is it.  The uninformed because they are used as pawns in the game of power.  It is easy to strip their power by becoming informed, but the vast majority of the people don't care about that, they want their money to pay the bills they want their bribe money.  And where do they get the money?  From you and I.  

    There is one action that we can do, that is pass the Fair Tax.  This far tax will strip the politican of power.  Through taxes they weild lots of power and they make 100's of millions from it.  This one act will create more jobs than anything tried in the past.  In few years it can eliminate the debt and eliminate the unemployment.  But they loose power and that will not be allowed.  In this health care bill, the IRS power will increase without limit.  We have already seen, the politicans & elitist are immune to the laws.  But you and I are not.

    Oh yea the vast increase in the debt was for one purpose only, to pay off groups and organizations that helped the administration to get elected.  Yea, these payoffs is coming out of our pockets via taxes.

    So next time when you look at how much you are paying in taxes, most of it is going to groups in form of payoffs, bribes and entilements (another form of bribe).

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