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    Here's MY deal: I'm a VERY inexperienced nudist, totally raw...(I probably shouldn't even call myself that yet!) I've been doing some internet work on nudist/naturist websites like this one... There IS a lot of useful information out there and I already KNOW that I'd enjoy being a part of this, but I'll owe you big time, for bringing me into the nudist community. But I¿m not just writing this RIDICULOUSLY long post for myself, I HAVE to assume that there are others like me that are intrigued by the thought, but just need a little more hand-holding. I¿ll post my impressions of having a mentor after my first event. (A mentor program might be a VERY useful service for either websites or resorts to offer.)

    I grew up in an ultra-conservative household, went to Catholic schools (including the ever-clich¿d "traditional, all-boys Catholic high school") 'til college, and was basically NEVER nude as a child unless I was taking a shower!)...At some point during high school or college I broke out of that somewhat, but I've also gained weight since then. So then there¿s the body image issues swirling around in my head. And I already know that nudism isn't about that, but my point's just that it's ANOTHER mental hurdle for me to get over.

    Anyway, that long prelude brings me to the Topic that I added for this post. What I, personally would find useful (and I'm sure would be useful for others too!) would be something like this; ideally a 3-step process:

    (1) An intermediate-to-experienced nudist (man or woman, doesn't matter--at least it SHOULDN'T!) would volunteer to mentor me. This would consist of a few emails and board posts or phone calls and texts (b/c this one is about the most responsive of the nudist sites and it's not bad at all, but there ARE gaps in coverage. Anyway, some kind of "direct line" to an experienced nudist that really knows what nudism's about and¿

    (2) If possible like a lunch or dinner together to just hang out and not even talk about nudism (on ME, of course!)...and if he or she has a nudist family, I'd LOVE for him/her to bring the whole family to the meal! This would hopefully get me (the newbie) to get to know at least ONE experienced nudist before attending a club or event.¿

    (3) Then, at his or her convenience (can't ask for TOO much! ), he or she would(invite me to whichever club/resort is his or her "home" spot, with or without his/her family, up to him/he). But I'D prefer they came so that I'd kind of feel like an adopted part of the family and like much less of an outsider! I really think it'd make a HUGE difference for an "outsider" like me to have an ¿insider¿ make intros on his/her ¿home court,¿ where he knows everyone.

    Soooooo: do I have any volunteer nudist/naturist mentors?!

    I know it's a LONG post, but if you're active in this community, I don't think I'm asking you to really do TOO much work...PLUS for the trouble, you get a free meal for yourself AND your family, if you bring them along). If you're a good mentor, I'll be sold on nudism after the first event w/ you; win-win! You help ME ease into it and YOU get ANOTHER grateful nudist friend to hang with in AND out of nudist events, clubs, or resorts. If you're reading this, I'm already grateful that you even made it through the whole post, thank you!

    And thanks in advance to whoever volunteers!

    PS: Wondering why the SUPER LONG post?" Well, as you know (and I've only recently read) the more "philosophical" nudists use adjectives like "liberating" and "empowering" to describe the effect of shedding your clothes and embracing your own skin. I TOTALLY buy that and would love join you all in that!

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    Ramon, since there was but one reply to your post, I am curious if you have been contacted yet by whatever means about wanting a mentor.

    I actually thought that your request was sincere and refreshing. The reason is that not everyone can just jump into a lifestyle lije nudism or naturism without some reservations. We were all born naked, but, within minutes, we were diapered and swaddled and covered up for almost forever... until we try it.

    I am the only one in my immediate family, meaning parents and siblings, that has ever been a nudist. No one else has any idea. My former wife and I discussed going to Blacks Beach years ago mainly because we both had heard separately about the beach and natural curiosity set in... with a healthy dose of hormones. We were much younger 400 years ago.

    Let me ask you- why do you really think you need a mentor? Are you unsure about how to be naked? Why, it's easier than putting clothes on in the morning after you wake up! Are you concerned that you will feel embarrassed if you show up at a resort or one of our beautiful beaches? well, then, my first words of advice to you is FOGGETTABOUTIT! The people you will meet will set your soul at ease.

    Let me tell you about the kinds of people I've met. Many became lifelong friends. The reason is that people are at a naked place for pretty much the same reason. They like to be naked and finding people that feel the same way creates a bond.

    Think of a sports fan as an example. Sure, we all watch our favorite sport on TV. But, if we venture out to an actual game and sit among the other fans, well, high-fives seem to just naturally happen. Pretty soon, you loose your voice because you start out-yelling the fans around you because you get caught up in the ambience.

    I think the best way to find a mentor is by going some place where you can take your clothes off and simply be with other naked people. Introduce yourself. Ask questions. Don't be surprised if you ask people how and why they became nudists or naturists that they simply repeat back to you what has been rolling around in your own head.

    What you will end up with are friends. They won't care about questions. answering questions about being naked seems to be something we are just naturally glad to do. Buy your new found friends that dinner at a resort. Dining in the nude is cool... you aren't wearing anything that will stain! I can assure you, you new friends will be your best possible mentors.

    Let me also suggest visting the AANR and NS web sites and reading up on nudism and naturism. You may even benefit reading the womens' sections that help women feel better about giving it a try.


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    Wow! I can't believe you posted this in November, and there hasn't been any responses yet. Hopefully someone has responded to you via email. I am not a gold member, so I can't send you an email, but you can contact me as I_am_PolyLover if you want. I am in Pasadena, and have been a nudist for about 40 years. I'd be glad to talk with you about my experiences, and help you any way I can if you contact me.

    Jim B
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