Fun Date Ideas

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  • Ajblueyes ( 32 / M / Harrisonville, MO )

    I would take the lady toward the most beatiful spot in town and then take her to a very nice resturant.

  • barrett2000 ( 41 / M / Bathgate, Scotland - West Lothian )

    would realy be up to you so you would feel most comfortable..

  • nekidman ( 55 / M / Redditch, England - Worcestershire )

    A walk by the river on a hot sunny day !

  • Dogsledder ( 59 / M / Dallas, TX )

    Meeting for coffee seems to be the standard these days. We could meet at the dog park if you want to meet my furry friends. If you ride we could meet downtown for a scooter trip or on the outskirts of town for a motorcyc...  read more >>

  • Bandit2024 ( 57 / M / Sparta, WI )

    Motorcycle ride through the country side back roads

  • cjw2012 ( 59 / M / Auckland, Auckland )

    A Caribbean cruise in the nude

  • jrinam ( 53 / M / Zelienople, PA )

    a road trip to the mountains, cook some dogs and burgers over the fire next to a creek or deep in the woods.

  • williewinkey ( 61 / M / Elko, NV )

    Almost anything that allows conversation, interaction, maybe a little wine or coffee; a stroll, a used book store, a cool bench in the shade by a lake.......

  • DDnDEEK ( 50 / C / Aurora, IN )

    Uh....not really dating, just looking for other nudist couples to hang with. That's not really a date I don't think.

  • Subboi ( 32 / M / Chattanooga, TN )

    i would say the park. Just to chat. Its public and a great place to hangout and talk than who knows..

  • curacaolover ( 61 / M / Willemstad )

    Be welcome on my resort in Curacao

  • flyguy779 ( 38 / M / Denver, NC )

    My idea for a first date would be a nice dinner, a walk on the beach and then a nice nude swim. Or maybe a nice flight over the water and enjoy the lights of the city on the horizon. Nude of course IF you're comfortable...  read more >>

  • SUNNYGARY ( 60 / M / Atherstone, England - Warwickshire )

    I would just like to meet anywhere really, being with that special person for the first time is the most important thing. But a nice park or any nice quiet place if the weather is fine would be lovely. As I live right in...  read more >>

  • james0072012 ( 44 / M / thames, Thames-Coromandel )

    Ridinig on horse-back in the countryside, up on ahill overlooking the beautifull landscape, under a tree, set up a blanket with a picnic basket with abottle of wine some fruit (strawberries and bananas a apple or two) an...  read more >>

  • fulltanner ( 59 / M / Sandwich, MA )

    If we meet for breakfast, every option for that day is open to discussion. >Whale watching >Extreme clearance shopping, $100, 100 miles, 80% off or better >Pow Wow on Martha's Vineyard >First Night in Boston...  read more >>

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