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  • GeorgeW_so ( 58 / M / Beauly, Inverness-shire )

    I think my perfect first date would be a gentle walk on the beach, in the countryside or the woods, followed by lunch in a cafe or restaurant. Plenty of time to get to know each other.

  • handyscot ( 64 / M / Eastbourne, England - Sussex )

    To go for a walk in woods getting naked as we went along our path

  • M_H41errera ( 38 / W / Greeley, CO )

    Just taking a walk along a trail...somewhere there's not a lot of people and finding a place we can get naked and explore some fun!

  • Irishnude88 ( 30 / M / Dublin, Dublin )

    Nude hike in the mountains followed by a swim

  • WaylandSmith ( 41 / M / Lincoln, NE )

    Going for a hike allows great real communication.

  • jeepster77 ( 40 / M / Fincastle, VA )

    I would like to have a nice dinner, go for a hike to the falls and take it from there.

  • thatguy100 ( 32 / M / South Africa )

    No big deal,lyks it simple,en down to earth so that we may lift it high to the level that we can

  • 8883nudist ( 35 / M / Ashford, England - Kent )

    This is the tricky bit, it depends nearer the time.

  • NWExplorer ( 64 / M / Puyallup, WA )

    I love hiking or trail walking and getting to know someone. If we click, then we can go to someplace for eats and brews and more talking. Then maybe out to listen to some music and have some drinks.

  • Wolf133 ( 41 / M / Vero Beach, FL )

    First start out with coffee or something in the morning. Have a small conversation. Then go for a hike though the woods. Climbing a mountain as we go. Have lunch and go for a switch in a river or fresh water creek. After...  read more >>

  • mightyshy ( 38 / M / Chesterton, IN )

    I really don't know. I would be open for fun and easy going

  • kyleray1 ( 22 / M / Dresden, OH )

    Go on walk watch the sunset get to know each other

  • Apollodrew ( 53 / M / Sanford, FL )

    Enjoying beautiful day at the beach

  • Troyhedden ( 22 / M / Fort Payne, AL )

    Take a long walk on the river side at sunset and end up on a dock with a picnic set up and a radio playin the most romantic music in the area and right as the sun disappears slow dancin on the dock and endin the night wi...  read more >>

  • One4Robert ( 52 / M / Fayetteville, NC )

    Maybe an afternoon stroll on the boardwalk near the water while getting to know one another

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