Fun Date Ideas

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  • Pessimystic ( 24 / M / Niles, IL )

    Hanging out naked together watching movies, talking, getting to know each other. Always wanted to go camping or on a hike without clothes as well

  • duyu027 ( 26 / M / Sydney, New South Wales )

    Cuddle and watch a movie

  • RVScott ( 63 / M / Jacumba, CA )

    Come share a spa, maybe play some volleyball, have dinner and drinks!

  • Ginrek ( 30 / M / Long Beach, CA )

    Nude adult swinger resort or beach

  • Carefreenude ( 63 / M / Mayer, AZ )

    Meet at Shangra La go swimming, decide if we want to go for lunch or dinner then go from there.

  • edgar1962 ( 55 / M / Paisley, FL )

    i think all first wound go better nude not a thing to hide but first date just talk not for sex unless it happen that love ed

  • nudist691 ( 54 / M / Cornwall, ON )

    a candle light dinner in the nude

  • Boogey33 ( 56 / M / Gosford, New South Wales )

    Meet at Balgowlah Heights Carpark and commence 4 klm long National Park walk along Coast line to Manly laugh flirt and lunch in Scenic Manly Corso area-grab our water and trek back to our respective cars-A great day outd...  read more >>

  • ID_AZ_snowbird ( 76 / M / Casa Grande, AZ )

    Nudists always look into a person's eyes to see one's character. Body image is unimportant. In a restaurant we can sit close enough to feel the magnetism or the lack thereof. We could meet at an AANR nudist resort. Any s...  read more >>

  • Silverwonderer01 ( 55 / M / Tampa, FL )

    Be able to comfortably meet in a public area then head over to the beach or campground for nudists. Enjoy the day being free.

  • beck44 ( 27 / W / Davidsonville, MD )

    Just us 2 or us 2 and a 3rd person we can agree on having with us, hiking/walking in any forest or Mountain, stopping when we find a good spot to be secluded/relaxed. During our walk we can have a private chat about more...  read more >>

  • SpaBeachPartyM ( 41 / M / Berlin, Berlin )

    Any, can be a cosy dinner at home, a day at the beach, a relaxing sauna/spa visit, a hike in the nature, going for a trip together or a night at the opera.

  • Foreverme ( 61 / M / Hermitage, PA )

    Anything she wishes

  • TNT1962 ( 55 / W / Bellingham, WA )

    coffee or a drink in a pub. walking on the beach and watching the sunset meeting up to go to a nude event or festival having a picnic in the park or the woods going swimming somewhere we could skinnydip

  • Southadventurer ( 25 / M / Faro, Faro )

    Going to a naturist camping near the beach,hiking,cycling,have fun.

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